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Managing Director of Ugent Tech; Mr. Tom Khoo Hai Hing Introduce Ugent's Graphene at Dyson- 17/4/17
Nanyang Interview
Nanyang Business Daily Exclusive Interview Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd - read more...
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Graphene for Al Powder Metallurgy
by Mr. Tom Khoo Hai Hing, Managing Director of
Ugent Tech
Certificate of Appreciation - In appreciation of notable contribution as keynote speaker at the advanced powder metallurgy symposium 2015

Application of Graphene in sensor
by Mr. Tom Khoo, Managing Director of Ugent Tech
at the Workshop conducted by University Perlis Malaysia - 1/6/2015

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CEO of Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd participated in Lux Research – NanoMalaysia Forum 2014 at KLCC Malaysian.
Theme: Innovation for Sustainable Economic Growth through Advanced Materials
Introduce Ugent's products at University Petronas Malaysia - 2/3/15
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  Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd participated in National Innovation Conference and Exhibition (Nice) 2014.
Demonstration on Ugent products to YB. Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation during his visit
Tun Mahathir
CEO of Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd; Mr. Khoo Hai Hing participated in National Invention Competition.
Demonstration on an invention of green energy system to Yang Amat Berhormat Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the 4th and 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia during his visit
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