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UG-coolant (UG-Cool 200)
A variety of generation water-cooled reactor designs featuring enhanced safety and improved economics are being proposed by automotive industries around the world. Applications are being advanced with the introduction of new technologies such as nanotechnology. UG-coolant Additive to coolants – Because of its excellent thermal properties, graphene used as an additive to coolants can improve the conductivity of the coolant by 86% are potential heat transfer fluids with enhanced thermo physical properties and heat transfer performance can be applied in many devices for better performances. Recent researches have indicated that substitution of conventional coolants by UG-coolant appears promising. Specific application of UG-coolant in engine cooling, cooling of electronics, cooling of transformer oil, improving diesel generator efficiency, cooling of heat exchanging devices, improving heat transfer efficiency of chillers, domestic refrigerator-freezers, cooling in machining, in nuclear reactor and defense and space have been applied. The development of viable customized UG-coolant for use in water-cooled engine systems could result in a significant improvement of their economic performance.
• Highly specialized coolants approved specifically for engines!
• Superior anti-freeze and corrosion protection - particularly non-aggressive to light alloy metals.
• Exceptional thermal transfer capacity offers outstanding engine protection.
UG Cool UG Coolant
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