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UG-PU Special ESD, EMI, and thermal of palm oil based polyurethane For potting purposes polyurethane are also used to products vary from soft, flexible materials to very hard, solid products, it is difficult to make direct comparisons between polyurethane maximum thermal conductivity. UG-PU ESD properties Static Dissipative ESD (10EXP6 to 10EXP12) Conductive palm oil based polyurethane (10EXP1 to 10EXP6), UG-PU EMI ,EMI/RFI Shielding (10EXP1 to 10EXP4) Which the users appreciate in the polyurethane potting compounds are: -
• Good electrical properties
• More solid, non-brittle types
• Curing even at low temperatures
• Rapid final curing, particularly under heat (50°C)
• Flexible qualities
• Low exothermic
• Low shrinkage
• Good adhesion
• Low water absorption
• Chemical resistance
• Low water vapor permeability
• Good safety conditions
• No odour problems
Others UG-PU Special ESD and thermal of palm oil based polyurethane applications include; Wheels, casters, press on wheels, roller wheels, bushes, bearings, general molds, pipe linings, and scraper blades, Suspension mounts, screens, cutting surfaces, pinch rollers, bumpers, mounts, seals, gaskets, shocks, bucket liners, pump liners etc.
ESD, EMI automotive applications include; Grommets, bearings, bushes, flexible couplings.
ESD coated fabrics applications include; conveyor belts, fuel storage tanks, power transmission belts.
ESD Engineered Components Gears, sprockets, rail draft gear, stripper plates,press brake pads, textile yarn guides, business machine belts, couplings.
ESD mining applications include; bucket liners, conveyor roller, scraper blades, floatation cell impellers, pump linings, grading screens, lined pipes,cross-over pads.
ESD oil, chemical and marine applications include; bushings, bearings, hydro cyclones, buoys, pipeline and scrapers, fenders, valve seats.
ESD rollers applications include; board rollers, nip rollers, metal forming, printing, and conveyor, can coat, paper mill.
ESD seals and gaskets applications include: pneumatic and oil seals, diaphragms.
ESD footwear applications include: shoe soles, bottom molding diaphragms, wear plate, energy absorbing insoles.
ESD wheel tires applications include: forklift tires, heavy duty castor wheels, escalator wheels, roller skate wheels, roller blade wheels.
UG EMI Applications
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