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UG thermally conductive PU-compound (UG PU-Therm)
UG thermally conductive PU-compound that transfers heat away from sensitive electronic components.
UG thermal conductivity customizable thermal performance with variety of additives of heat transferring Thermoset-plastics from UGPU-THERM provide higher values provide more effective heat transfer significantly higher values of up to more than 40 W/mK.
The materials are characterized by a specially adjusted thermal conductivity ranging from 0.6 to 20 W/mK, good strength figures, electrical insulation, electrical conductive, a black coloration and optional flame retardation are the base heat transferring thermoset-plastics from UGPU-THERM.
PU 1
Heat transferring thermoset-plastics from UGPU-THERM
◆ Dissipate heat through PU-COMPOUNDS
◆ Consolidate parts and reduce weight
◆ Resist chemicals better than metals
◆ Select electrically conductive
UG thermoplastic compound applications:-
◆ Computer and consumer electronic devices
◆ Aerospace
◆ Automotive
◆ Electronic
◆ Appliance industries heat exchangers coolers
◆ Heat sinks LED luminaires
◆ Electronic interfaces
◆ Motor and battery housings
◆ Transformers
◆ Aerospace and automotive cooling systems
◆ Temperature sensors
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