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UG Nanocomposite Thermally Conductive Polymer (UG-TCP)
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer include electrically conductive polymer (ECP), thermally conductive polymer (TCP) and reinforced polymer. In addition, Ugent Tech is the domestic leading manufacturer of carbon nano-materials and composite solutions business. Ugent product covers general polymer (PC, PC/ABS, PA, PP, PE, PS, etc.) , engineering polymer (PC,PPO, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT/PET, etc.) and high-performance polymer (PPS, PPA, etc.) , Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer modifying agent including carbons nano fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
In addition Ugent Tech providing a series of standard products and tailored to fit customers ' needs, providing customized with the overall solution of polymer modification. Featuring a consistent antistatic material, (surface resistance 10EXP6 to 10EXP12Ω/sq) 、static elimination material (surface resistance 10EXP6 to 10EXP9Ω/sq) 、electrically conductive material (surface resistance 10EXP1 to 10EXP4Ω/sq ) EMI shielding material ( surface resistance 10EXP0 to 10EXP3Ω )are required, ECP also offers UG PRO™, UG Plus™ sheet.
UG Nanocomposite Thermally Conductive Polymer (UG-TCP)
Ugent Tech Nano-composite Thermally Conductive Plastics (UG-TCP) is lightweight and economical to design freedom process by injection moulding or extruding into sheet or tape. They have very good chemical resistance, offering an excellent alternative to metal heat exchangers that have failed due to corrosion and delivering better thermal performance while minimizing manufacturing costs eliminate time-consuming secondary operations and Shorter time to market.
UG-TCP Customizable thermal performance with variety of additives of polymers provide higher values and more effective heat transfer significantly higher values of up to more than 40 W/mK. and UG-TCP compounds provide a >50% weight reduction over comparable aluminum heat sinks, especially significant in energy conscious transportation uses .
The materials are characterized by a specially adjusted thermal conductivity ranging from 0.6 to 20 W/mK, good strength figures, electrical insulation, electrical conductive, a black coloration and optional flame retardation, tested to UL94 V0. PC/ABS, PP, PET, PA 6 and PC are the base polymers.
UG-TCP the most demanding appliances delivering multiple benefits:-
• Easy processing and compatibility with numerous production techniques, including injection.
• Weight reduction.
UG-TCP is a kind of polymer composites filled with high thermally conductive fillers.
• Heat evenly and avoid burning point, reduce the local deformation caused by high temperature of parts;
• Light weight, 40-50% lighter than aluminum;
• Easy to form, no secondary processing;
• Flexible product design.
•Main matrix material: PS, PA6 / PA66, PC, PP, PPA, PE, etc.
•Main filler: Graphene , BN, SiC, CNT, nano-Graphite, etc.
UG-TCP applications:-
• Computer and consumer electronic devices • Aerospace
• Appliance industries heat exchangers coolers • Automotive
• Heat sinks LED luminaires • Electronic
• Heat pipes Heat exchangers • Transformers
• Motor and battery housings • Temperature sensors
• Aerospace and automotive cooling systems • Electronic interfaces
UG Thermal polymer
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