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UG Nanocomposite High Strength Polymer (UG-HSP)
Ugent Tech Nanocomposite reinforced polymer, Ugent product covers general polymer (PC, PC, PET, PA, etc.), engineering polymer (PC, PPO, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT/PET, etc.) and high-performance plastics (PPS, PPA, etc.) , Ugent Tech Nano composite plastics modifying agent including carbons Nano fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
In addition, Ugent Tech providing a series of standard products and tailored to fit the customers ' needs, providing customized with the overall solution of polymer modification. Featuring a consistent enabling superior mechanical characteristics in composite materials, Ugent Tech Nanocomposite reinforced plastics system to significantly enhance the mechanical properties of Nano-carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers (NCFRP).With a content as low as 0.5%-3 %-the specially refined Nano-materials achieve unprecedented mechanical properties compared to conventional composite materials, excelling in:
UG nanocomposite high strengt polymer (UG-HSP)
Light weight, high strength, reduce transportation costs; Meet the current and future trend of plastic to replace steel.
Corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant; Easy processing, environmental protection, recycling etc;
Furthermore, the composite material utilizing Ugent Tech Nanocomposite reinforced polymer system shows overall improved properties also at higher temperatures.
Exemplary mechanical property improvements that have been achieved:
Fatigue / Lifetime
Carbon fiber reinforced composites were tested for fatigue properties by applying a periodical mechanical load of 9k Newton at a frequency of 2 Hertz. The conventional composite failed after approx. 50,000 cycles. Ugent Tech Nanocomposite reinforced plastics based composites survived the test objective of 100,000 cycles, showing a lifetime of up to 150,000 cycles.
Ugent Tech Nanocomposite reinforced polymer targets applications where the designer seeks to realize a stronger composite material or realize new lightweight designs with unprecedented mechanical properties. Industries include:
• Aerospace • Construction
• Automotive • Sporting Goods
• Wind Power • Electronic
• Military • Chemical Industry
• Machinery • Totes, bins, pallets and Instrument housings
• Conveyor rollers, links, bushings  
UG Nanocomposite High strength Polymer (UG-HSP) 2
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