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UG CNT/Graphene Ink
Product Information
Ugent Tech customizes wide range of applications Generals Types ink /paste. We work with our customers to develop a dispersion or a fully-formulated coating, paste or ink for their specific application.
Features & Advantages
◆Graphene / CNT-used Liquid high conductive paste & ink.
◆Low cost and Easy-to-use.
◆Excellent electric and thermal conductivity.
◆Environmental-friendly materials.
◆customized various grade and solutions.
◆Usage to use: spraying, printing, etc.
Excellent electric conductivity:
  ESD, EMI, heating element, sensor, electrodes, super capacitor.
High thermal conductivity:
Heat dissipation.
Dye-sensitized solar cell counter electrode.
Superior mechanical property of coating layer and Permanent conductivity.
Textiles and clothing.
UG ink & Paste 1
Items Type Products  
Ink MWCNT UG Plus 100(DI WATR)
UG Plus 120 -N (SOL BASE)
•Viscosity: 5~700 cP
•Resistivity: 1EXP1~1EXP4 Ω/sq. •Transparency: ~ 85%
•Usage: Spray/Roll/Spin coating,
Few layer Graphene (FLG) UG Pro 900(DI WATR)
UG Pro 920 –N(SOL BASE)
Graphene Nanoplatelets UG Pro 600 (DI WATR)
UG Pro 620-N (SOL BASE)
Paste MWCNT UG Plus 110(DI WATR)
UG Plus 130 –N (SOL BASE)
•Viscosity: ~40,000 cP
•Resistivity: 1EXP1~1EXP4 Ω/sq.
•Usage: Screen printing,
Few layer Graphene (FLG) UG Pro 910(DI WATR)
UG Pro 920-N (SOL BASE)
Special for Battery
Products Solvent CNT Weight % Application Fields
UG CNT Ink Aqueous 5

◆Conductive compounds
◆Conductive thin films
◆EM wave shielding
◆High strength plastics
◆High modulus plastics
◆Fuel cells
◆Field emission on display
◆Medical Biosensors
◆Catalyst supporter, etc.

Customize Solvent5
Customize Solvent 5
UG Graphene Ink
Aqueous 5
Customize Solvent 5
Customize Solvent 5
◆The weight % and solvents can be changeable as order of customer
◆Please contact us to discuss your specific needs or request more information.
Contact us to customize our materials for your specific applications.
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