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UG High Conductive Nanopowder
Higher electrode conductivity and  stronger electrode mechanical strength and adhesive attraction; The product is composed of CNTs and a kind of high electro conductive nanopowders.
Moisture Ash C Ni Mg Fe PH
0.2% 0.2% 98% 0.3-0.8% 75ppm 80ppm 7-8
Carbon Nanotubes: -
Purity: >97%
Available Diameters: 12 – 15nm
Available Lengths: 3~15µm
Specific Surface Area: 230 -300m²/g
PH: 7-8
Layer: 8-15
Highly Electo Conductive Nanopowder
APS: 5nm-100nm
Appearance: Black Powder
PH Value: 8-10
Tap density: 0.15 g/cm3
Adsorption value: >580 ml/100g
Volume resistivity: 2~5 x 10-4 Ω·cm
1 UG Plus 410 HCN
Recommended dosage: 8%
2 UG Plus 440 HCN
Recommended dosage: 5%
Users should be based on different systems to test, and then determine the best dosage for the best use.
UG High Conductive Nanopowder thoroughly dispersed with the polymer significantly increases the conductivity of the resulting compound. It can be used in all types of polymers, thermoset, thermoplastic as well as elastomers. Due to its unique morphology and structure with relative low amounts of UG High Conductive Nanopowder, excellent conductive material can be made. The low grit content results in very smooth surfaces during extrusion. The loading needed to obtain a  certain conductivity can vary significantly per type of polymer.
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