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UG Graphene Enhanced Anti-rust, ESD, EMI Paint
Ugent tech customize wide range of applications with excellent performance of weather resistance, anti-corrosion, abrasion resistant,has the excellent performance of rust-proof ,adhesion, water resistance , Weather fastness, stain resistance Conductive coating, a coating with good electrical conductivity. The solid content is 45±1%; Film-forming temperature is more than 40℃. This paint generally applied in the field of building, marine industry, Bridge or other Preventing electromagnetic interference shielding coatings equipment's for rust-proof etc.
UG Paint
◆ Classification:Water-based Metal Antirust.
◆ Graphene content: 1-10wt %( water-base).
◆ Viscosity: 2000-10000mPas.
Used as conductive coating, such as hybrid integrated circuits, printed circuit board housing, keyboard switch, Marine antifouling coatings, etc.
Radiation shielding coatings, such as radio waves, and electromagnetic shielding.
ESD coatings.
UG Paint
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