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UG Ceramic Nanocomposite
UG Pro 880 series CNT/Graphene can reinforce ceramics, simultaneously making them conductive. When UG Pro 880 series CNT/Graphene is added to the ceramic alumina, the material becomes up to 50% less likely to break under strain, a feature highly desired for many end uses of ceramics. Furthermore, the method is simple, fast and up scalable, making it virtually ready for industrial application. UG Pro 880 series CNT/Graphene could be used for reinforcing other ceramic materials, such as silicon carbide, silicon nitride, titania, and zirconia. In addition of UG Pro 880 series CNT/Graphene makes alumina a hundred million times more conductive to electricity. Other mechanical properties stayed on par with untouched alumina, while electrical conductivity increased by a factor of a hundred million. Ceramics such as alumina are widely used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, thermal management, and semiconductor processing.
Zirconia (ZrO₂)+ UG Pro 880 Composite
Alloy (AI₂O₃) + UG Pro 880 Composite
Titinia (T₁O₂) + UG Pro 880 Composite
Improved abrasion resistance by appearance properties.
Improve strength & toughness by mechanical properties.
Ceramics with thermal and electric conductivity given.
Uniform dispersibility and conductivity .
Maintaining the properties of the ceramic's own.
Extended lifetime.
UG Nano Ceramic
◆ Ceramics coating materials with high strength & toughness >70% ~200%.
◆ Industrial materials requiring electric conductivity and heat dissipation.
◆ Ceramics for shock absorption.
◆ Abrasion-resistant ceramics.
◆ Fracture toughness >40%.
◆ high temperature structural ceramics, and artificial tooth.
UG ceramic 2
zirconia with excellent hardness and corrosion resistance zirconia with excellent hardness and corrosion resistance EMI UG Pro 880 + zirconia
UG Ceramic 3
ceramic seals & discs UG Pro 880 + Oxide Ceramics – Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) zirconia with excellent hardness and corrosion resistance
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