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UG Super Concrete - Nanocomposite Material
Super concrete - nanocomposite material achieved strengths above >150 MPa at 28 days under normal conditions or above 180 MPa , effect on the workability of fresh concrete and the evolution of compressive strength enabled the achievement of strengths above 150 to 180MPa after heat treatment for concrete.
Additions of Super concrete - nanocomposite material in the min amount weight by cement produced excellent results, with an increase in flexural strength of up to 60%, an increase in Young's Modulus of up to 35%, an increase in ductility of up to 73%, and an increase in fracture toughness of up to 170%.
◆ Improves impact resistance ,Higher compressive and tensile strength
◆ Improves abrasion resistance, high strength-toughness
◆ Extremely low additive concentration in final product
◆ Enhances mechanical stability , More durable
◆ Improves tearing resistance, Corrosion resistance
◆ buildings and bridge
◆ infrastructure utilizing precast or cast-in-place products
◆ Offshore and other structures in marine environments
◆ Well cementing
◆ Smart materials for structural health monitoring
◆ Higher compressive and tensile strength
◆ More durable
◆ Corrosion resistance
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UG Super Concrete - Nanocomposite Material Wind Energy Modular Bridge in Ultra High Performance Concrete Site Furnishings
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