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UG Nanocomposite ESD & Conductive Polymer
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer include electrically conductive plastics (ECP), thermally conductive plastics (TCP) and reinforced plastics; In addition, Ugent Tech is the domestic leading manufacturer of carbon nano-materials and composite solutions business. Ugent product covers general polymer (PC, PC/ABS, PA, PP, PE, PS, etc.) , engineering polymer (PC,PPO, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT/PET, etc.) and high-performance polymer (PPS, PPA, etc.) , Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer modifying agent including carbons nano fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
Ugent Tech In addition to providing a series of standard products can also be tailored to fit the customers 'needs, providing customized with the overall solution of plastic modification. Featuring a consistent antistatic material, (surface resistance 10EXP6 to 10EXP12Ω/sq) 、static elimination material (surface resistance 10EXP6 to 10EXP9Ω/sq) 、electrically conductive material (surface resistance 101 to 10EXP4Ω/sq ) EMI shielding material ( surface resistance 10EXP0 to 10EXP3Ω )are required, ECP also offers UG PRO™, UG Plus™ sheet.
UG Nanocomposite ESD & Conductive Polymer
ESD & Conductive
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer consists conductive fillers in resin, is functional polymer material in the form of polymer. Generally object conductivity: Permanent ESD Protection.
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer realized the great change from isolator to semiconductor then conductor. Compared with traditional material, it is low weight, easy to form and able to adjust conductivity.
They can also get complicate structure through molecular design. Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer can be used as antistatic material, conductive material and EMI shielding material by different purposes.
Base material include: PC/ABS, PC, ABS, PA, PPE, etc.;
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer Conductive fiber mainly include: carbon nano-fiber, Cnt nano fiber, graphene etc.;
UG nanocomposite polymer have the function of EMI shielding and grounding.
Key Benefits:
Anti-static properties are inherent throughout each sheet Permanent ESD Protection.
Conductivity effectiveness is not impacted by humidity, environmental factors, wear and tear, machining, or forming.
Ideal for ESD protection and dust control.
Sheets are polymers (PP, PC, PS,PC/ABS, and others), with additive options.
Electronics Industry Applications:
Silicon wafer handling components Food and beverage equipment
Semiconductor chip trays , ESD shipping trays Household appliances
Clean rooms Material handling equipment
Communications components Medical equipment
Computers and business machines Vacuum filter cartridge housing
Fan blades Hard disc drive (HDD) handling components
Film processing equipment    
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UG conductive polymer
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