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UG Nanocomposite EMI Polymer (UG-EMI)
Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer include electrically conductive polymer (ECP), thermally conductive polymer (TCP) and reinforced polymer. In addition, Ugent Tech is the domestic leading manufacturer of carbon nano-materials and composite solutions business. Ugent product covers general polymer (PC, PC/ABS, PA, PP, PE, PS, etc.) , engineering polymer (PC,PPO, PC/ABS, PA6, PA66, POM, PBT/PET, etc.) and high-performance polymer (PPS, PPA, etc.) , Ugent Tech nanocomposite polymer modifying agent including carbons nano fiber, carbon nanotubes and graphene.
In addition, Ugent Tech to providing a series of standard products can also be tailored to fit the customers 'needs, providing customermized with the overall solution of plastic modification. Featuring a consistent electrically conductive material (surface resistance 10EXP1 to 10EXP4Ω/sq ) EMI shielding material ( surface resistance 10EXP0 to 10EXP3Ω ) .The apparent density of the grades is 1.2 gm/cc, their coefficient of friction is less than 0.3, Are required, Ugent Tech also offers UG PRO™, UG Plus™ sheet.
UG Nanocomposite EMI Polymer (UG-EMI) 1
EMI Shielding Level UG Nano composite Performance
Surface resistivity (Ω) : 0.5~250 Shielding effectiveness (20MHz - 10GHz) (dB) : 40~85
Density (g/cm3 ) : 1.2 ~1.4 Working temperature (℃ ) : -40~90
Tensile strength (MPa) : 50~120 Flame retardant: UL 94 V-0 /1.6 mm 
Bending strength (MPa) : 70~150 Color: black、gray, etc.
Bending modules (MPa) : 2400~6000    
Manufacturing Process of UGENT Tech electrical conductive polymer ECP
UG Nanocomposite EMI Polymer (UG-EMI) 3
Carbon nano-Fiber   Palletizing   Injection Mold
Ugent Tech electrical conductive polymer ECP can be widely used for Anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI) and antistatic (ESD) in electronic/micro-electronics, telecommunication, medical machinery, petroleum & chemical, military, aerospace and other fields.
Please contact us for For more information or to order UG Strt™ or UG Plus™ sheets
UG Nanocomposite EMI Polymer (UG-EMI) 2
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