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UG Metal Nanocomposite (UG Plus 99, 88, 89, 98. )
Carbon nanotube (CNT) is considered very vigorous to its application in high-strength structural material field due to define excellence mechanical property such as high strength, elastic modulus, and low friction coefficient. UG Metal Nano Composite has developed new innovation that CNT can homogeneous disperse into metal powder particle by metal ion combining with CNT continuously after activate CNT chemically, for solving the preexistence problem that CNT can't homogeneous diverse with metal power or solution. CNT/metal Nano-composite by this process has high improvement of not mechanical property but multi-functional property.
Improved abrasion resistance by appearance properties
Improved strength by metal-based nano-crystalline
Light weight compared with existing high-strength composites
Improve strength & toughness by mechanical properties
Improve thermal & electric conductivity by electrochemical properties
Various grade can be manufacture depending on application field
Metal Nanocomposite 1 Metal Nanocomposite 2 Metal Nanocomposite 3
Metal Nanocomposite 4
AL + UG Plus 99: -Addition of 5vol-% MWCNT a minimum increase of 129% in the tensile strength
Cu + UG Plus 99: -Addition 9~12 vol-% MWCNT resulting in about 80~100% increase in the hardness /td>
Ti + UG Plus 99: - Addition 4.5wt-% MWCNT shown 450% improvement in the hardness and 65% increase in elastic modulus.
Light weight structures with high strength & toughness
  -Aerospace, Automobiles, Vessets and Leisure/Sports Apparatuses
Abrasion-resistant light weight ,material
  -Aerospace, Automobiles, Tools and machine
Ceramics for shock absorption Abrasion-resistant ceramics
  -Electronics, Computer, Automobiles, Aerospace, Precision Equipment
UG Nano Metal 4
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