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UG Pro Graphene nanoplatelets
Graphene nanoplatelets is the most promising material in nanotechnology. Continually new graphene feature that fit into new applications are discovered. Graphene has at least one use in all existing industrial sectors. Graphene is an amazing material with a wide range of applications in the present due to its amazing features. -;
◆ Durability  ◆ Elasticity  ◆ Transparency  ◆ Lightweight  ◆ Electronics ◆ Impermeability  ◆ Conductivity
Technical Data Sheet
Graphene Nanoplatelets Applications
Graphene nanoplatelets is a disruptive technology; one that could open up new markets and even replace exiting technologies or materials. It is when graphene is used both as an improvement to an exiting material and in a transformational capacity that its true potential could be realised.
Application areas
Reinforce polymer composites.
Reinforce rubber composites.
Reinforce metal composites.
Reinforce thermoset composites.
Super Concrete.
Thermal heat dissipation/heat spreading/cooling fluids.
Drilling fluids and muds.
Electrical - EMI shielding: 20-70db/1to7 GHz range.
UG Pro use in properties improvements:-
Reinforce polymer composites and Reinforce rubber composites:- - Property improvements: - Thermal & Electrical, Mechanical, Modulus, Strength, Impact Resistance, ESD, EMI Shielding.
Reinforce metal composites  - Property improvements: - Thermal & Electrical, Mechanical Property, Increase Modulus, Strength, Impact Resistance, EMI Shielding.
Thermoset composites :- Property improvements: - Thermal & Electrical, ESD, EMI Shielding.
Super Concrete :- Property improvements: - To enhance impact resistance, Comprassive Strength, Super Strong Concrete.
Lubricants :- Lubricity life increase 30% - 50%.
Thermal heat dissipation/heat spreading :- In-plane: >1000w/m.k.
Electrodes for:-
a) Supercapacitors
b) Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials 
- Low cost, High Performance
- High Reversible Capacity = 900 mAh/s
- Enhance Cycle Life
- Conductive film and Coating
Flexible Electronic
- Paint and Coating.
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