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Few Layer Graphene (UG Pro 990)
The Few Layer Graphene UG Pro 990 are unique graphene have an average thickness of approximately 1.46 – 3.54nm, particle diameter of <100nm and surface area of > 1000m²/g.
Properties & Qualities
Thickness: 1.46 – 3.54nm
Available Size: < 100nm
Layers: < 10
Appearance: Black/Gray
Carbon Content: >99.5wt%
Conductivity: ~3000w/m.K
Ugent Graphene
additives in polymers; catalysts
electron field emitters for cathode ray lighting elements; hydrogen storage;
flat panel display; nanotube composites (by filling or coating); 
gas-discharge tubes in telecom networks; Industry coatings
electromagnetic-wave absorption and shielding;  nanolithography; 
energy conversion;   nanoelectrodes; 
 lithium-battery anodes;  drug delivery;
sensors;   supercapacitor.
reinforcements in composites;     
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