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UG-Nano Graphene Water Based Drilling Fluids (UG Di 400)
UG-Nano graphene water based drilling fluids. is a graphene enhanced product that provides superior lubricity and thermal stability to the water based drilling fluids .Lubricity Tester indicated 70 –80% torque reduction on a water based salt polymer mud system. Actual reaming torque reduction of 20%, bit's life span increased 75%, additional The improvement in drilling performance and bits' life span had reduced operator's operational time and cost.
• Stable at high temperature.
• Minimal liquid separation or break out.
• Ability to suspend without setting.
• Non-corrosive.
• Low static shear strength.
• Quick reversion to fluid sate upon agitation.
• Water base low toxicity.
• Resists contamination.
UG Drilling Fluids
UG drilling fluids
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