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Ceramic Reinforced MMC Materials
Due to need of penetration property in the high-speed infiltration warhead with defense technology, need is increasing about low cost, good property composite materials. Specially, superiority infiltration materials for destruction of the bunkers, Eglin Steel, research of low cost, high ductility and high-impact infiltration materials is on-going with activity of high ductility and high-impact middle-low-density alloy for excellence infiltration property is necessary.
UG Pro 880 put purpose to develop interfacial control technologies to fabricate metal matrix composites which is used in bulletproof armor materials. With optimization of interfacial characters between encapsuled ceramic such as SiC tile and Al, is to maximize impact resistance of composites for encapsuled ceramic MMC armor. Materials with high hardness e.g. UG Pro 880/Al2O3, UG Pro 880/TiB2, UG Pro 880/ B4C, UG Pro 880/SiC and materials with high strength-toughness such as SiC/Al improve performance of bulletproof due to the combined effect of those materials with good mechanical properties. However in recent years, some research discovered that interface control between ceramic tile and MMC on impact resistance character affects significantly to enhance bulletproof performance.
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