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UG Graphene-based nano-lubricants (UG-Lub 100)
Graphene-based nanolubricants could grease automotive industries future.UG-Lub tribological tests confirm good reduction of friction and wear parameters in boundary lubrication, mixed lubrication and with adding nanoparticles to lubricants enhances their ability to conduct heat, lubricate and protect from wear-and-tear. These are important properties in the automotive industry as better lubricants result in reduced engine wear, lower noise, and better and longer engine performance. The best antiwar result has been observed on the ball surface in the mixed lubrication, tribological tests with a marked average decreasing around >30% and lubricant improved its thermal conductivity by 20%, with almost no changes in viscosity. UG-Lub 100 nanolubricants could last approximately> 20% longer than the currently available 5,000 and 10,000 km lubricants oils. They may even cost less, because adding UG-Lub 100 nanoparticles could reduce the amounts of other additives currently required.
Few Layer Graphene oxide (FLG) are lubricants will extend the service life of the machine.
Nano materials are coated in scratched part of engine inner surface will reduce engine wear.
Few Layer Graphene oxide(FLG) promote perfected lubrications meet the high standards required to ensure that the machine maintains its maximum performance throughout its service life.
Few Layer Graphene oxide(FLG), nano size: improve lubrication & thermal conductivity.
High performance engine oil additive: decrease fuel consumption, improve engine performance, revent wearing of friction surface of engine, less noise.
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motor, aircraft, vessel, motorcycle, industrial engine
UG LUB for Power generator UG-Lub 100 2
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