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About Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd
Ugent Tech Sdn Bhd, Company Registration: 651928-U, Established on 2014 engaged in graphene, carbon nanotube development and nanocomposite production and development.
At present main products include various specifications of graphene, graphene nanoplatelets, graphene oxide, graphene dispersion and variety of nanocomposite including electrical, thermal, conductive, EMI, ESD materials for application in rubber, polymer, epoxy, PU etc. Please visit our product page for products detail
Ugent's products market across the globe, including Asia, America Europe, universities, research institutions in oversea and domestic. We work closely with our customers to customize our materials for specific applications. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs
Ugent's core Technologies is low-cost production techniques. The company goal is to achieve a graphene-based and CNT-based nano-materials industrialization based on graphene could be used in modern high-tech industries and traditional industries. We work toward to become one of the largest multi functional graphene-based nanomaterials production and walk in the forefront of the world in manufacturing technology and application of technology.
Ugent Culture
Ugent's Direction
Develop new functional material such as nano-advanced material, CNT and graphene based material etc.
Ugent's Valuation
Employees is the most valuable resources. Ugent believes good employees is not replaceable.
Ugent's Philosophy
Productivity Determined by the Employees.
Ugent's Spirit
Perform Best, Challenge Limit, Keep Absorbing, Forever Innovation.
Ugent's Style
Earnest, Efficient, Quick Response.
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